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Benefits and efficacy of betel leaf

Benefits and efficacy of betel leaf
The usage of words and the times emerge as extraordinary approaches of therapy. Find out how to Simplified and common methods. Brand new way as if in identikkan with growth and developed technology that would be a option to all illnesses. But is missing unconsciously, we shifted into consumptive and disregard about the facet results of chemicals on the drug. Common ways, today is already considered old-usual aka out of date, however the core of therapy is healthful and low cost, now not a matter of development or cool.

Here we can discuss the houses of betel leaf is increasingly long legacy left by means of the people of Indonesia.

Betel leaves from the plant Piper betle comprises predominant oils such as hydroxy kavikol, kavibetol, estargiol, eugenol, metileugenol, karvakrol, terpenes, sesquiterpenes, fenilpropan and tannins.

The content material of the betel leaf has the capability to kill bacteria, fungi deadly, and also has a position as an antioxidant. As a consequence, betel leaf has long been used as an antiseptic, quoted from klikdokter

advantages And advantages Betel leaf - betel leaf does appear like leaves in most cases, but even though so many men and women think that the betel leaf has its benefits and efficacy will have to not be underestimated. Betel leaves have antiseptic virtually all its parts, it's this which makes the betel leaf to be very useful for natural healing.

Might be there are also folks who doubt the efficacy of betel leaf is considering the fact that usually the benefits of betel leaf we just heard from the mum and dad alone, but truely uses will betel leaves in herbal medicine has been clinically proven, even so far research on this plant continues to be in developed.

Antiseptic contained in a betel leaf was exotic, the betel leaf contained 5-fold of the antiseptic antiseptic on typical phenol. That is since the antiseptic contained in the betel leaf is derived from phenol by-product materials called kavikol, which has extra capabilities than average phenol.

And here are the advantages and efficacy of betel leaf for normal medicine:

1. Drug Nosebleed (nose casting off blood)

When your nose bleeds, then instantly search betel leaf then please roll, and rather knead unless it comes out a little extract of betel leaves, betel leaf rolls and enter it to clog up your nose.

2. Cough

Water betel leaf decoction may use as a cough medication, specifically by way of a number of betel leaves boiled in three cups water, simmer except the only ultimate one cup betel leaf decoction and drink the cooking water 3 times a day until the coughing subsided, there can add honey to improve its therapy properties.

3. Overcoming Bleeding Gums

Water betel leaf decoction may use to cope with bleeding gums, which conveniently use betel leaves boiled water to rinse 3 times a day.

Four. Eliminate zits

Betel leaf also has residences which can be very powerful in overcoming the difficulty of zits for your face, by way of 10 pieces of betel leaf mashed until gentle hard then pour 2 cups boiling water, let it cool and then use the water to rinse your face! Do customarily 2-three instances a day.

5. Deal with Boils

to quandary a boil, conveniently through applying a gentle collision results betel leaf that has been cleaned to the skin which can be ulcers.

6. Skin infections and rashes

Boil 20 betel leaves to a boil, let the water except rather cool (heat) and use the cooking water to wash the affected physique section and itching skin infections.

7. Do away with BREATH

bad breath regularly makes us uncomfortable when talking with others, and to get to the bottom of the quandary you need to use betel leaf as an alternative. Which you could chew betel leaf straight to a few minutes, and lalukakn mostly. Or which you could additionally use boiled water 5-6 betel leaves to rinse, and do every morning and afternoon.


even though it has been proven to have antiseptic homes, but avert the use of betel leaves boiled water to clean the eyes. Exceptionally if the processing isn't assured cleanliness and sterility of betel leaf extract generated in order that its use would actually develop the danger of eye infection.

Why Betel leaf decoction dangerous Water for Eyes?

Betel leaf decoction liquid will produce betel leaf extract gentle yellow-green and acidic, with a pH ± 4. The extra the betel leaves are boiled, then the cost will develop the acidity of the liquid decoction.

Exposure to acidic fluids will react with tears that coat the skin of the eye, which in turn will result in changes in pH (acidity) in the floor of the eye turns into extra acidic.

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