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Benefits of green betel leaf for health

benefits of green betel leaf for health
Betel Good, on this celebration i will speak about the advantages of green betel leaf for well being. Yag betel leaves are mostly observed in Indonesia there are two varieties, particularly crimson and inexperienced betel nut. The whole thing can be utilized as a drug, but of extraordinary houses from each other.

Green betel has the Latin title Piper betle Linn. Are incorporated within the loved ones Piperaceae. Betel is a kind of vine that lives hooked up to the trunk of different vegetation, although there are also creeping on the bottom.

Betel leaf benefits for well being

Our ancestors by and large makes the betel leaf as an herb for 'nginang'. The material contains betel leaf, betel leaf, areca nut, gambier, and cardamom. Furthermore, betel leaves can be used as a typical medication to treat more than a few ailments. Listed here are some advantages of betel leaves for wellbeing and medicine.

1. Treat vaginal discharge
Boil 7-10 betel leaves in 2.5 liters of water to the boil. Use boiled water betel leaf at the same time nonetheless heat to wash the pubic discipline. Do it time and again.

2. Treating allergic itching and urticaria
provide 6 pieces of betel leaf, 1 slice ginger yellow and 1.5 tablespoons of eucalyptus oil. All constituents are pounded together except gentle. Then the combination is applied / rubbed on the body itching due to allergies or urticaria.

Three. Treating diarrhea
Take 4-6 pieces of betel leaf, 6 peppercorns and 1 tablespoon of coconut oil. All constituents are pounded collectively unless soft. Rub the blend in the stomach and permit to dry.

4. Treating bleeding gums
if you experience bleeding of the gums, don't fear, deal with it with betel leaf. Way, take 4 portions of betel leaf and then boiled in two cups of water to boil. Once cool, boiled water is used to rinse. Do it again and again until cured.

5. Treating nosebleeds
Nosebleed is bleeding from the nose. That you can deal with it making use of betel leaves. Take the betel leaves after which have pressed so quite wilted. Roll and suit into the nose to dam the bleeding.

6. Treating cavities
should you megalami toothache as a result of cavities, immediately take the betel leaves and boiled in two cups of water to boil. Water betel leaf decoction is used for rinsing. Do erulang once more unless healed.

7. Treating cough
furnish four betel leaves, three leaves bidara rattle and honey to style. Betel leaves sliced, then boiled with leaves bidara rattle in 2 cups water to boil. Once cool, add honey to style, then the blend was once made to rinse. Try to arrive the field of the esophagus.

8. Reduced milk creation
immoderate creation of milk is obviously no longer good and wasteful. That you could fix this by using utilizing a betel leaf. It's handy, take 4 portions of betel leaf and spread with coconut oil. After the roast over the fire, lest burned. In a state still heat, betel leaf is connected across the breast.

9. Heart ailment
furnish 3 betel leaves, 7 pairs of seeds cubeb, 3 spring onions, and 1 tablespoon cumin. All fabric is overwhelmed into powder, put 5 spoons of scorching water which, left a couple of minutes, then squeezed and filtered. The herb drink 2 instances 1 day and carried out commonly.

10. Bronchitis
furnish 7 betel leaves and 1 piece of rock candy. Betel leaves chopped, then boiled with rock sugar with 2 cups water to boil all the way down to 1 cup, and filtered. The herb drink 3 occasions a day 3 tablespoons.

Good, that is probably the most advantages of inexperienced betel leaves for wellness and traditional medicine

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