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New Generation Pain Relief Drugs Special Woman

New Generation Pain Relief Drugs Special Woman
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Who among men and women are more resistant to withstand the pain? Usually we answer the women, who could resist incredible pain during childbirth.

It turns out in addition must endure incredible pain when having a baby into the world, the research also found that women are also more likely to suffer chronic pain than men. Women were also found to feel the pain more intense research than men.
But the difference withstand the pain is often explained by social factors and cultural as well as the effects vary male and female hormones in the body. Now science find any gender differences in pain processing. This is probably going to take us to the discovery of specific pain pills for men and women.

The breakthrough was obtained through studies of male and female rats. Researchers believe the same thing is true of the human body.

The researchers, Jeffrey Mogill, professor of pain studies at McGill University, said, "Research has proven men and women have different sensitivity to pain, and women are more likely to suffer from chronic pain than men.

"But first delivery assumption that pain processing same in both sexes. The realization that the biological basis of pain among men and women are fundamentally different, giving rise to ethical questions and research is important if we are to relieve pain," he said.

The study examined the long-standing theory that pain is sent from the site of injury or inflammation of the nervous system through the use of immune system cells called microglia. But it turns out in this new study that just happens in male rats.

Interfere with the function of microglia in various ways effectively block pain in male rats. But did not produce any effect on female mice.

According to the researchers, the different types of immune cells called T cells seem to be responsible to sound the alarm pain in female rats. Researcher Michael Salter from Toronto University said, "Understand pain pathways and the difference between the sexes is certainly important for us to design a new generation of more sophisticated treatment of pain and on target."

"We believe that the rat has a nervous system that is very similar to humans, especially for basic evolutionary function as pain. This finding tells us there are important questions that arise to create new pain drugs," he said.

Professor Mogill added, "Over the last 15 years scientists think microglia control the volume knob pain. But the conclusion of this study is based on research that is almost exclusively using male rats."

This discovery, according to him, is a perfect example of why research designed carefully is important if the benefits of basic science are used to serve everyone. This research has been published in the journal Nature Neuroscience

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