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5 Most Popular Recipes Healthy Juice 2015

5 Most Popular Recipes Healthy Juice 2015

5 Most Popular Recipes Healthy Juice 2015. Cultivate fruits and vegetables into healthy juice beverage is increasingly popular with many people. Of the more soaring popularity of processed juice not only because of the delicious taste and fresh. Attractive appearance and easy way of making a simple alias also be another contributing factor. All the ingredients of fruits and vegetables has tremendous health benefits to maintain body condition. In fact, there are several types of healthy juice nutritious recipes to treat any disease or health problems lightly.

popular juice recipes

For those of you who are just learning to make juices, may still have difficulty in practicing a variety of healthy drink recipes from this blog. Therefore, we are always trying to improve the information we provide. All types of responses in the form of criticism, suggestion or request a recipe can be distributed via the contact page of the admin that has been provided.

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Most Popular Assorted Juice Recipes 2015

1 Fruit Juices Bit (Beet Root)

Plant roots known bit or bits have vitamins and minerals that are complete. A variety of health benefits you get if diligently consume red fruit is processed. Greeting the benefits are destroying cancer cells and tumor cells in the body.

Beet juice mixed carrots
image of red beet juice
1 medium-size fruit bits
1 carrot
2 tablespoons molasses

How to make:
Rinse both the above ingredients, peeled and cut into pieces. Put it in the juicer.
Process to exit its juice.
Pour into a glass, add sugar syrup if necessary. Serve immediately.
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2. Carrot Juice Vegetable

Vegetables that one is famous for its high content of vitamin A, so good for maintaining eye health. But you know, a lot of benefits of carrots in addition to the organs of sight?

Carrot juice mix tomatoes
carrot juice picture tomato
75 grams of carrots
100 grams of red tomatoes
1 tbsp honey
1 cup of boiled water

How to make:
Cut the tomatoes and carrots then insert it into a blender with a glass of boiled water.
Process while until well blended.
Pour into a glass, add honey. Stir and serve.
For more carrot vegetable juice recipes, please see here.

3 Red Tomato Juice

A study found that tomatoes contain an antioxidant compound called lycopene rare. The usefulness of these antioxidants is able to care for heart health and effective treatment of prostate, lung, and stomach cancers. Not only that, the tomatoes are also widely used as a mixture of juice recipe to overcome the problem of obesity (healthy diet).

Carrot orange tomato juice
red tomato juice image
1 tomato red
1 piece of fresh carrots
1 orange sweet
10 ml of water res

How to prepare:
After washed clean, put all the ingredients into a blender.
Process until smooth.
Strain the juice, pour into a glass and then serve while cold.
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4 Sweet Orange Juice

Not only vitamin C that are beneficial to health, flavonoids and bioflavonoids in citrus fruit is also efficacious for anti-inflammatory, hypo-allergenic, antiviral, anticancer and antioxidant. Consumption of 1 orange sweet will meet 116.2% daily vitamin C intake needed by the body.

Original sweet orange juice
orange juice image
1 orange sweet
1 tablespoon lemon juice

How to make:
Cut crosswise sweet orange and squeeze the juice.
Mix the lemon juice sweetened with lemon juice, stir and serve.
You can add the chunks of ice that feels fresh juice.
For other citrus fruit juices recipes, please see here.

5 Fruit Juice Avocado

Avocado is rich in antioxidants and other important nutrients that are proven good for beauty therapies from within. Not only that, the provitamin A in the avocado fruit is useful to treat anemia (lack of blood) to help the regeneration of red blood cells.

Avocado mixed orange juice
avocado juice image
2 avocado
200 ml of sweet orange juice

How to make:
Choose a medium-size avocado, take the flesh and add to the blender.
Add the juice of sweet and process until smooth.
Prepare the serving glasses, pour the avocado juice into it.

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