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Efficacy Leaves of Grass Pegagan

Efficacy Leaves of Grass Pegagan

Benefits Leaves Pegagan: Plant grass is easily found in the environment around us. This plant grows in the tropics and easily met in all regions of Southeast Asia, including Indonesia. Gotu kola is known by the Latin name Centella asiatica Urban or Hydrocotyle asiatica Linn, Linn or Pasequinus, Rumph. The name is derived from the Latin word 'hydro' meaning water because he is very happy with humid conditions and 'cotyle' meaning the bowl because the leaves are slightly concave. Some of the benefits and efficacy of gotu kola grass is as follows:

Since thousands of years ago mainly by people of India, Pakistan, Malaysia and parts of Eastern Europe, gotu kola plant is believed to improve endurance (long life), cleanse the blood, urine and smoothen

Far Eastern people in Europe even use it to cure leprosy (a chronic infectious disease caused by Mycobacterium leprae) and tuberculosis (TB)

In India, known as the herb gotu kola for the young and also the plant is made in the form of syrup without alcohol for the treatment of epilepsy

While in Thailand, gotu kola is used as a tonic and cure diarrhea. In Sri Lanka, the plant is widely used to increase spending on milk

While in Vietnam used to overcome weak body because of advanced age (senility). In Africa, gotu kola is used to cure syphilis.

In Australia, gotu kola has been created with the name of Gotu Kola drugs that are useful as anti-dementia as well as an anti-stress.

In China, gotu kola is used for improving blood circulation, and even considered to be more efficacious than the ginkgo biloba or ginseng from Korea.
According Prof.Dr.Ir.Latifah K Darusman, MS (Head Study Center medicinal IPB), gotu kola herb is a plant that is very rich in benefits. Among health benefits could be given of this gotu kola plant is counteracting leprosy, measles, hepatitis, fever, tonsillitis, heavy metal poisoning, vomiting blood, hemorrhoids, and intestinal worms. In addition Latifah also said that based on scientific facts research in IPB, gotu kola very useful to improve memory and containing oxidant activity is pretty good so closely related to the body's defenses.

An important benefit of gotu kola as a brain food because gotu kola contains various medicinal compounds such as asiatikosida (triterpenoids), karotenoids, and beneficial mineral salts. The role of the content of bioactive components include Triterpenoids that antioxidants as a catcher of free radicals that can kill brain cells and revitalize the blood vessels. Vitamin content also serves to increase stamina and vitality as well as antioxidants that help in the development of brain cells.

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