Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Holiday Benefits for health

Holiday Benefits for health
The holidays are a time of the most widely awaited everyone though for a holiday many things that can be done from simple to high vacation costs.

Holiday Benefits for health
But it was not a problem as long as we focus on the positive aspects of the holiday, especially for health. Researchers have demonstrated the holiday turned out highly recommended by doctors because it has an influence on health improvement. The following holiday benefits for health:

Live longer
A study of 749 women aged 45-64 years in the United States showed good housewives and working women who took vacations had a significant improvement in reducing heart attacks. A housewife who took a vacation once every six years or less had almost twice the risk of heart attack than those on a two or more per year.

Keeping the brain cells
James Sands of South Coast Institute for Applied Gerontology examined 112 women aged 65-92 and found there is a relationship between the routines of life that a lot of the decline in intellectual function. Although there is a positive relationship between the holidays with intellectual function.

Increase life satisfaction
Linda Hoopes and John Lounsbury, Department of Psychology, University of Tennessee researchers surveyed 128 employees before and after the holiday. They found there was an increase in life satisfaction after the holidays.

Reduce tension
External stress and life activities either at work or home can make a person feel excited or stressed. Symptoms include feeling tired, do not have the drive, not interested in doing something, not enthusiastic, and even fear. Researchers from the Department of Psychology at Tel Aviv University. Mina Westman and Eden Dove discovered feelings of distress in 76 employees decreased significantly during the holidays.

Improve family life
An experiment is reported in the leisure (Science Journal, 1968), WJ Kaiser analyzes the responses of 390 steel mill employee who did holiday for 13 weeks. He found the holiday turned out to provide benefits to family life. Workers reported to be more interested and share activities with the couple and their children.

There is something that contains elements of the treatment out of the daily routine and enjoy a different environment. Every holiday has a unique advantage. Even for some of the one-week holiday package that is set can have a long-lasting benefit. Sometimes a journey is an exploration of struggle and people change the way they view themselves and their difficult circumstances at home

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