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Tip How to Overcome Dental Hospital For Pregnant Women

Tip How to Overcome Dental Hospital For Pregnant Women
How to Overcome Dental Hospital For Pregnant Women. Have you ever felt a toothache? If so, you must know how miserable getting sick of it. It is caused by nerves in the teeth that were associated with other nerves in the body. When very sick toothache was attacked Pregnant?

Any treatment for pregnant women should be careful because it will harm the womb and the fetus. Toothache itself caused by oral bacteria because of lack of maintenance. This could threaten the safety of your fetus. Identified that, some pregnant women more susceptible to dental pain because they change hormones, making it easier gums bleed. Ministry of Health of the State of New York asserted that the teeth in pregnant women should be considered to reduce the risk to the fetus.

Tip How to Overcome Dental Hospital For Pregnant WomenThe causes of dental pain in pregnant women include many things such as, dental cavities are injured, dental abscesses, gum disease, irritation of the tooth root, cracked tooth syndrome, impaction, erosion of the teeth, heat, spicy foods or cold. Need Tip How To Treat Tooth Pain For pregnant women so as not to harm the womb and the fetus, including:

Compress the cheek or on the outside of the tooth pain using warm water or cold water using a towel or a bag of water that can be affixed to the cold pipi.suhu can provide a sense of numbness on the side of the aching tooth.

Brush teeth at least 2 times a dayPick a fine-bristled toothbrush. Attitude teeth at least 2 menit.Keasaman mouth rinse can be overcome with hanta water mixed with salt.

Avoid Revocation of teeth

In the gestation period of 1-3 months. pregnant women are advised not to perform tooth extractions. Revocation will mngakibatkan fetal reactions due to anesthetic and kontrkasi.

Consultation immediately when experiencing toothache that will get clear information in order to know how to cope with a toothache for pregnant women or toothache medicine is safe for pregnant women. Do not take any medication before consulting a doctor.
Although drugs given by doctors deemed safe for women who are pregnant, there is no harm in trying toothache medicine safe for pregnant women. Following the traditional recipe for overcoming a toothache in pregnant women:

Onion And Garlic
Cut small onion / garlic. Sprinkle a little salt. And chew on the aching tooth area.

Squeeze lime to take water. Apply or use to rinse his mouth on the sore area.

Clove oil
Pour a small amount of clove oil on cotton. Apply on the aching tooth.

Balm Or Oil Wind
Apply balm or wind oil on cotton. Cotton nip section sore tooth. When mengeluaran saliva, throw it out. This drug is not to be swallowed.

Mix salt in warm water. Use water to rinse his mouth.

Fruit Pinang
Prepare betel nuts, salt, turmeric, and meniran taste. Tumbuklah all ingredients together. Pour ingredients that have been refined with boiling water then strain. Drink this concoction regularly. 3kali least a day.

Betel Leaf
Wash thoroughly betel leaves, roll up round, then chew on the aching tooth until betel leaf liquid entering between the teeth. Then after a betel leaf gently input bit of water used for rinsing the mouth, flue.
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