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100 Fact Unique in the World

100 Fact Unique in the World
100 Fact Unique in the World

1. The State of Indonesia is in the 4th position as the World's Most Beautiful Country First Choice version of the site.

2. In Italy, the rules Cappuccino drinks should only be drunk before noon time.

3. The US, Australia, Finland, Germany and Canada adl developed countries without UN. Did you know trbaik schools in the world is in Finland even without UN.

4. "Jengkol is very nice" comments vocalist Pierre Bouvier of Simple Plan.

100 Fact Unique in the World

5. Each one of our fingers clicking the computer mouse, there are 1.42 calories burned in the body. (Research, Convert Anything to Calories).

6. In ancient Japan, soldier toad oil smeared on their bodies in the belief that it will make them puncture-proof body.

7. In Japan, fell asleep while working (Inemuri) can be tolerated, because it is seen as the fatigue that comes from working too hard.

8. The mechanical saws was originally created as a medical tool to help deliver the baby.

9. Do not often say the word "root" in Australia and New Zealand. There, the word "root" means getting to have sex.

10. Mushroom Laetiporus known as the nickname "partridge" because it seems like the meat tastes like fried chicken.

11. Frog legs are a special meal in Europe. Did you know: around 80% of Europe's imports of frogs from Indonesia.

12. If you type "do the harlem shake" in the YouTube search bar, the screen will do the Harlem Shake !. [Google Chrome]

13. Looking through a small hole will instantly improve your vision temporarily.

14. YouTube said on average there are 4000 new Harlem Shake video uploaded every day. [Yahoo!]

15. Ants have their own cemetery. But you know: Octopus has a garden and likes gardening. (Wikipedia)

16. Chocolate contains Theobromine, organic molecules that may help strengthen tooth enamel. (Research of Tulane University).

17. Women 2 times more use emoticons in text messages than men. (Studies at Rice University)

18. Even Buzz Aldrin was the second man who stepped on the moon, but he was the first to throw dirt in space.

19. The next unique fact is, psychologists say that sending and receiving text messages can actually improve your mood when you feel lonely. (Telegraph)

 20. Thailand is the only country in Southeast Asia that was never colonized.

 21. Music has the ability to repair brain damage and restore lost memories. (Cracked .com)

 22. Feelings of loneliness trigger the same response in the brain as physical pain. (BBC News)

 23. In Cape Town, South Africa, teenage boys who had missing teeth is considered handsome / masculine.

 24. The bitter chocolate (high substance theobromine), the higher the benefits. 1bar diligently consume chocolate / day can cure chronic cough.

 25. The word "Mouse" (rat) is derived from the Sanskrit derivative "Mus" which means "thief".

 26. Naps (Power Nap) trbukti add height, while we nap dikrnkan growth hormone (Growth Hormone) active lbh work.

 27. The world's largest primes currently 17 million digits long, enough to fill 28 pages of the book novel.

 28. According to one study, drinking green tea after eating fish helps deter substance contained in fish Mercury enters the bloodstream.
29. Extend the phone up to 4 years of age can reduce environmental impact by up to 40 percent. [The study in Switzerland]

30. Sit together with friends / family eating a mutual, verifiable increase happiness and help relieve depression. [ehealthnewsdaily]

 31. Abibliophobia is a phobia or fear of running out of reading material.

 32. In medieval Europe, the salt is very expensive, so-called "white gold".

 33. Chewing gum can improve the ability to think quickly and alertness by 10 percent. [Journal of Brain and Cognition]

 34. Women who are stressed during pregnancy tend to give birth to children who are grumpy. [Institute of Psychiatry, King's College London]

 35. It is recommended that you buy shoes in the afternoon. Because, after a day of walking, the feet in the afternoon will be enlarged 5-8 percent.

 36. Music has the ability to repair brain damage and restore lost memories. [Cracked .com]

 37. According to the new study, life expectancy an average boy band higher than the musicians who chose a solo career. (DetikHealth)

38. The island of Bali is one of the 10 most romantic islands in the world. [Magazine Travel + Leisure]

39. University in Japan always perform a memorial service for animals (eg mice) that died in laboratory testing. [Web.archive .org]

40. Flashing give your brain a break. [Scientists at Japan's Osaka University]

 41. Women who are happy in a marriage will experience weight gain half a pound (0.22 kg) every 6 months. [Daily Mail]

42. Excessive jealousy can be classified as mental illness, krna interchangeable push ssorg For suicide / slay another org. [Research]

 43. Consuming tomatoes several times within a period of a week interchangeable overcome feelings of depression. [Researcher at Tianjin Medical Univ., China]

44. Feelings of loneliness trigger the same response in the brain as physical pain. [BBC News]

45. In Cape Town, South Africa, teenage boys who had missing teeth is considered handsome / masculine.

46. ​​Embracing person who cherished interchangeable help lower blood pressure, reduce stress and
anxiety, bahkn interchangeable improve memory. [Daily Mail]

47. The word "Mouse" (rat) is derived from the Sanskrit derivative "Mus" which means "thief". 48. Walking or biking to school sharpen concentration of students in the class and remained about 4 hours later. [Medical Daily]

49. According to global market research Euromonitor International, Korean men are men who most likes to preen of the other man in the world.

50. The average person would feel 100 percent healthy / fit only 61 days a year. (Research in the UK)

51. Polydactyl Cat is a breed of cat that has a thumb on their feet.

52. Only by reducing the brightness of the TV, you are able to save even more than Rp 1.5 million a year. [compass]

53. In Germany, prisoners who want to escape the prison dr adl not mrupakn illegal. Krn it salah1 basic human instinct for freedom.

54. Women feel themselves look ugliest and looks older on Wednesday at 15.30. [new study from St Tropez] Expand 55. People who regularly play video games proved to have good reasoning than most people. (DetikHealth)

56. The name "Gorilla" is derived from the Greek word "Gorillai" meaning "hairy women".

57. IBM said that within the next 5 years, the computer will resemble humans who can see, hear, smell and feel.

58. During the 13th century, the word "nice" actually means "stupid", "senseless" and "foolish".

59. 49% of Smartphone owners are single. (The survey, "2012 Online User Behavior and Engagement Study")

Unique facts

 60. Gazzarella is mozzarella cheese made from the milk of cats. 61. The average person see / check his cell phone about 150 times a day. (Report on MindTrek Nokia 2010)

61. Flies can deliver about 300 bacteria each time perch on objects.

62. Laughter can increase the activity of the antibody by about 20%, also helped to destroy viruses and tumor cells.

63. Phobias mathematics (mathematics anxiety) trigger the same response in the brain as physical pain. The symptoms that look at the numbers alone is painful.

64. The cartoon character Bugs Bunny was given an honorary rank of sergeant-major in the US Marine Corps at the end of World War II. (Wikipedia)

65. Apples were placed in the open space will ripen 10 times faster than the apples are placed in the refrigerator.

66. The phrase 'Smitten' is to say 'fancies' in English.

67. According to international etiquette, a proper handshake and both should last for about 3 seconds and released after rocking.

68. When we are in love, the brain will produce extra dopamine, a chemical that makes someone become excessively excited.

69. "mwahahaha" and "lolz" was added to the Oxford English Dictionary.

70. According to the study, men tend to lower the volume of his voice when he spoke dg someone who they love, while women vice versa.

71. In France, snacks Arum Manis (Hair Grandma) called "รก Barbe Papa" which means "father's beard".

72. According to the study, PR too much can actually cause students to become stressed, depressed and got a lower value.

73. Hangry is the incorporation of the word "Hungry" and "Birds", in use when you're hungry and angry.

74. Fart of bacteria make Swiss cheese has holes.

75. Listening to music can actually reduce chronic pain by up to 20% and helps relieve depression by 25%. (ScienceDaily)

76. People who feel lonely have the possibility of dementia 70-80% higher. (Journal of Neurology Neurosurgery and Psychiatry)

77. Daydreaming interchangeable shortening of telomeres (the far end of the cell DNA), which acts Dlm maintain the stability of the cell, which can accelerate the aging process.

78. The room is dominated by blue suited for brainstorming activities and can produce creative ideas more.

79. According to the research, we tend to be roughly equivalent to those that we know and most love. This could be krna we spend time with them Byk.

80. According to the study said that closing his eyes at the thought of something will be easier to remember.

81. Phobias mathematics (mathematics anxiety) trigger the same response in the brain as physical pain. The symptoms that look at the numbers alone is painful.

82. Yawning is a natural mechanism to cool the temperature of the brain, prevent 'overheating'.

83. Brushing using mixed strawberries and baking soda can whiten teeth naturally burnish (maximum one month only once).

84. A worker ant averaged 250 times every day! Once sleep only lasts about one minute more.

85. People who sleep duration more than 9 hours a day could be at risk of suffering heart disease and blood vessels.

86. Asia is the continent with the highest number of the richest people in the world. [Survey of wealth magazine]

87. Hugs make you more loyal, because when embraced will release the hormone Oxytocin. This hormone makes you feel close to one another.

88. Did you know, the habit of drinking cow's milk was first discovered 10 thousand years ago in Afghanistan.

89. When we sneeze, the air coming out of the nose and mouth moving at a speed of about 160 km / h, equivalent to a hurricane.

90. The left-handed people more easily frightened and trauma than people who use the right hand.

91. The habit of snoring in the long term can make a person easy to forget and hard to concentrate.

92. Pencil was first created in 1565 in the UK, but the new century later mass-produced in Germany.

93. For pregnant women with spending time in the green room during pregnancy can help generate that intelligent and healthy children.

94. Quit smoking before the age of 40 years, was able to feel the longevity like those who do not penah smoke.

95. Ever hear 'Not five seconds' if there is food fall? It turns strangers also called the 'Five-Second Rule ".

96. Nightmare arise because the body was too tired and need the peace.

97. A bakery in Beverly Hills has an ATM machine which can issue a Cupcake.

98. The average human mind can maintain social relationships up to 150 people.

99. The ideal time to drink coffee is at 14:16. Because in time they will be a time where there has been a general decline in energy. (FoodRepublic)

100. In the past Ciliwung have the best and cleanest water in the world. (According to Jean-Baptiste Tavernier, as quoted by Van Gorkom)

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