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20 Unique and Interesting facts from Google are rarely known

20 Unique and Interesting facts from Google are rarely known

Google is an internet company as well as well-known brand in the world. Since it was founded on September 4, 1998 and, until now, Google listed as one of the world's annual income.

Obviously, from its establishment until today, there are a lot of interesting facts that accompany growth and development of Google into a large company.

Starting from the selection of the unique name of the company to get sued by employees for discrimination. Here the unique facts that accompanied the trip Google.
20 Unique and Interesting facts from Google are rarely known

1. Unlike other companies, Google recently opened its first Initial Public Offering is dated August 19, 2004, when the company was founded on September 4, 1998.

2. Almost all the employees at Google called by the name of Googlers, while for new employees as Noogler.

3. Based on Alexa, Google is the most used website in the world.

4. The initial version of Google was developed at Stanford and can only analyze 30 to 50 pages in one second only. But now increased to be able to analyze millions of pages per second.

5. Google has been sued by one of their Sales Executive is Christina Elwell. He earned discrimination at work because they are pregnant.

6. To issue permenitnya usage count, Google is still inferior to Facebook.

7. Google's first address on the internet is

8. Twit Google in its official account on Twitter is "I'm 01.10011 million 01,100,101 01,100,101 01,101,001 01.1011 million 00.1 million 01.10111 million 01,100,111 01,110,101 01,100,011 01,101,011 01,111,001 01.1011 million 00001010. In February 2004. Which is binary for the I'm feeling lucky."

9. In 2007, Forbes named Google as a place to work for the best in the entire United States.

10. In June 2006, Google was the word most frequently used words in Word 2002 and in June 2006, said Google has been added to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED).

11. Google's name is taken from the word Googol ever uttered by 2 daughters named Milton Sirotta and Edwin Sirotta when they were playing.

12. Larry Page and Sergey Brin will ever sell the domain for USD 1 million to Altavista.

13. Larry Page and Sergey Brin once did not get along, but because of a commonality of vision, eventually they worked together to create a company that is now a giant.

14. The two founders of Google was originally called BackRub search engine with the name of the function to rank backlinks all things that exist on the internet one by one.

15. The initial Database Google only for 28GB only.

16. To establish the company, Larry Page and Sergey Brin had to scramble to find the loan money in order to realize their dreams are.

17. The first office Google takes place in a garage owned by Susan Wojcicki.

18. It only takes 3 months, Google entered as 100 new website that counts in the world.

19. The "I'm feeling lucky" on Google is one of the major keys and located in a strategic position very, very rarely used.

20. Google has more than 450 thousand servers and spread to almost every country in the world.

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