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7 Bad habits after this meal can make the body more fat

Bad habits after this meal can make the body more fat

7 Bad habits after this meal can make the body more fat
Not what the ideal body fat again impressed indeed make us uncomfortable. Especially if you weigh makes getting lazy activity outside the home. It makes you less confident and want to go on a diet.

But instead of losing weight, but increasingly swollen. Perhaps, this is one of the causes of your weight down hard. There are some common bad habits that many people after eating a heavy meal. Habits What is it?

Bad habits that make the body more fatThe following bad habits after eating

heavy meals, which makes you more fat.

1. Sleeping

This is most often done after a meal. Full belly makes us sleepy eyes and finally sleep. Sleep after eating can slow down the digestive process that causes bloating. It has also become one of the important factors that lead to weight gain.

You have to wait for at least 2 hours after a meal, so that the digestive process can be back to normal. This also applies when the evenings, try dinner 2 hours before bedtime.

2. Lazy lazy

Common habits after a meal is sitting back while chatting with family or friends. Did you know that it can also make your weight go up? The myth that you have to 'lazy' after a meal, it is less true.

If you want to lose weight, avoid lazy after eating. You can take a leisurely walk for 15 to 20 minutes after a meal, to increase the body's metabolism. It also helps to digestion, and prevent bloating.

3. Loosen the belt

For those of you who wear belts, often after eating, we loosened ties worn belt. Apparently, it can cause abdominal muscles loosen and the belly will be large and protruding out. Preferably, these habits avoided when after eating, so that body fat is not easy.

4. Bath

This may not have thought of at all by many people. Bath after dinner can slow down the process of digestion and metabolism. This will slow the blood to the abdomen and lower body temperature, which can result in slowing the digestive process.

Instead, you take a bath after a couple of hours from your last meal, or you can also shower before eating.

5. Smoking

Who likes to smoke after a meal? If you have a body that tends fat, it may be because smoking after a meal. Actually, smoking is not good at any time. However, smoking will be more dangerous when done after a meal.

Smoking after a meal can cause acidity, heart burn, and even more and make weight gain. Extremely worrying is not it? Yes, under any circumstances smoking is strongly discouraged for the health of the body.

6. Vigorous exercise

Lazy is not recommended after a meal. However, doing this very heavy after eating can also be bad. Strenuous exercise that triggers a lot of effort and sweat is one of them. Doing things that are heavy after eating, can increase blood pressure and body dawn. Moreover, it also can cause abdominal pain and cramping.

What more if you are people who are not accustomed to strenuous activities for the body. It can harm your body.

7. Eat fruits

This habit is also very much done by many people after eating. Eating fruits immediately after a meal, can make the stomach can not digest the fruit. The fruit will decompose in the stomach and make digestion will slow. Eat an hour after eating, is a good habit that can prevent weight gain.

That 7 bad habits and often performed after a meal. If you really want to control body weight, the easiest thing to do is not to make the body more and expand.

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