Sunday, August 16, 2015

Are You Addicted to coffee..? This 4 ways to control it

Are You Addicted to coffee

Are You Addicted to coffee..? This 4 ways to control it
Coffee is a beverage that is popular in Indonesia. Even Indonesia is famous as one of the best coffee producing country in the world. Consuming coffee is not harmful to your body. However, if too much, then you get addicted to caffeine. Caffeine addiction itself able to cut you a break rations because of excessive production of adrenal hormones caused by caffeine.

Well if you feel that you are already addicted to caffeine, here's how effective tips to cut it.

Learn about the ill effects of caffeine

Too much caffeine is able to make you work hard adrenal hormones and cause you always awake. If you already know the bad effects, then you would be trying to reduce your coffee consumption.

Reduce consumption gradually

Stop drinking coffee directly is difficult. But you can try it out slowly. If you drink more than 5 cups per day try to reduce to half.

Find healthy alternatives

Once you have managed to reduce coffee consumption gradually, then find a healthy alternative to other beverages such as fruit juice or tea. And do not forget to transform and drinking more water helps you in removing toxins from caffeine.


Always active with positive activities is a healthy way to reduce addiction to coffee. Because this activity is able to keep your mind distracted so that coffee consumption is reduced.

Still wondering how to reduce addiction to coffee? Good luck on the way in!

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