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10 Ways to Treat Tooth Pain Perforated

10 Ways to Treat Tooth Pain Perforated
How to treat the pain of cavities do not always involve chemical drugs. Chemical drugs are sometimes not suitable for most symptoms. In addition, people already know how expensive the treatment of dental pain at the doctor.

They are not enough to come once and instantly healed. How to treat toothache of a doctor for a long time because it took some time control to ensure recovery of the tooth. This causes them to seek treatment by different methods. Another way to treat toothache is the natural way that will not cause side effects. Here are Top 10 Natural and Traditional Ways To Treat Tooth Pain Because the cavities

10 Ways to Treat Tooth Pain Perforated

1. Ice cubes
Ice cube can help relieve toothache, how to take a small piece of ice cubes and place it between your index finger and thumb. Massage gently in the part, feel the pain slowly began to be lost. Massaging comfortable by the ice block touches the nerve cells located around the thumb and forefinger. Massage done by the ice block directly to the nerve center, so that 60-90% of pain you are feeling quickly disappears. Safer than chemical painkillers.

2. Garlic
The minced garlic (1 clove of garlic), then sprinkle a little salt. Chew on the sore area and shortly afterwards the pain in your teeth will disappear slowly. You may also use it as a therapy to strengthen the bone structure of your teeth.

3. Onion
Not just the garlic, because the onion is also not miss to ease the pain of your teeth, hehe kayak wrote children's stories ... The content of the enzyme in onions may help kill nasty germs in the mouth. So you will obtain other benefits by using this onion. Overcoming toothache well as disinfect, so double benefits.

4. Lime
Squeeze the lemon juice, pulaskan on the aching tooth spoonful after spoonful every 10 minutes until the juice runs out. Besides being rich in vitamin C, orange juice also serves as a pain reliever of your teeth.

5. Clove Oil
You probably know that clove is one of the constituent composition of cigarettes. But unlike the function of clove cigarettes, clove oil extract is very effective to save your teeth feeling pain from the attack. It's easy, apply clove oil on your teeth with the help of cotton.

6. Salt
Behind the salty taste of salt, high iodine content also relieve aching tooth. It's easy, sprinkle salt in a glass of warm mineral water. Stir and use as a means of mouthwash. gargle at least until you feel quite comfortable and not too tormented by toothache pain. Not recommended immediately eat salt, because in addition to very salty surely, also even less spread in between the teeth.

7. Flour Pepper
Keep the teeth with pepper powder, use a bit of pepper powder with 1/4 teaspoon salt. If used regularly every day can prevent cavities, bad breath, bleeding gums, sore gums, and toothache. To relieve a toothache, you can put the mixture of pepper powder and clove oil to the tooth cavity. Sensitive teeth can be overcome in the same way.

8. Green Chili
Stick it on the sore tooth green chili to taste the cut ends a little later burned. After a hot, chilli placed on the aching tooth. Use regularly 2 times a day.

9. Avocados and leaves Flower Afternoon
Dry / toasted 1 avocado seeds, then crushed to a powder. After that enter the avocado seed powder into cavities, then cover with cotton. You can also use the leaves of flowers afternoon. Take a few leaves, boiled until cooked with water. Drain then drunk as he gargled.

10. Belimbing Wuluh
Take a few pieces of starfruit. Wash, eat it with a salt. Chewable using sore tooth.

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