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How to Take Photos of Solar Eclipse Safely and Unique

How to Take Photos of Solar Eclipse Safely and Unique 

How to Take Photos of Solar Eclipse Safely and Unique

Within two months, on March 9, 2016, Indonesia will experience a total solar eclipse phenomenon.

The eclipse will reportedly occur in some areas of Palembang (South Sumatra), the Pacific Islands, Sampit (Central Kalimantan), Palangkaraya (Central Kalimantan), Balikpapan (East Kalimantan), Palu, Poso, Luwuk (Central Sulawesi), Ternate and Halmahera ( North Maluku).

Indonesian territory which is outside the total eclipse track could still witness these natural events. However, the eclipse is seen appear partially. The peak of the eclipse will occur around 7:20 pm the western region, the central region around 08:35 pm and the eastern region around 09:50 CET.

entunya, with the development of technology, not a few people who want to capture this rare natural phenomenon with its sophisticated devices such as a digital camera or smartphone camera.

Look at the sun directly it may impact risk to the health of your eyes. However, did you know that taking a photo directly eclipse with the naked eye can harm your eyes?

Although solar eclipse darker and easier to see, precisely the impact of a given beam eclipse can cause permanent damage to your eyes. Tekno team will invite you to do the safe ways to take photos of a solar eclipse with your favorite camera. Check out his tips below.

1. Do not See the Naked Eye

When a solar eclipse happening, do not see the eclipse rays directly. Maybe you do not feel the pain of your eyes at the time, but you will feel the impact in a few days later.

The effect of sunlight can burn the focal point on the retina and give effect 'after image'. This is very dangerous and make it difficult to see around.

This is also confirmed by one of the data reported Moorfields Eye Hospital, UK, where the number of patients with eye damage after a solar eclipse in 1999 increased on Friday, March 20, 2015.

2. Seeing With Protective Glasses

Solar eclipse goggles will protect you from ultraviolet rays and infrared rays are harmful. Wearing protective glasses, at least you can see the rays of the eclipse safely and can take photos of the eclipse.

Tips Taking Photos Eclipse Safely
It is advisable to use protective glasses with the certification 'CE-Approved'. Try also not to use the usual dark glasses, because the glasses will not be able to protect your eyes from the rays of the eclipse.

3. See Eclipse By Camera or Smartphone

Be careful when you try to view the eclipse. Ray eclipse will continue to 'burn' your eyes when trying to capture the moment, still use protective goggles when you're taking photos eclipse.

If you wear goggles, let's see the eclipse will you take a picture through the camera screen or your smartphone, at least it can protect your eyes from the rays of the eclipse.

4. You May Do selfie, but backs eclipse

Everyone can do selfie anytime, anywhere. but at the moment of a solar eclipse, it is advisable not to selfie photos with friends in front of a solar eclipse directly.

If you want to keep your self-perpetuating with the solar eclipse moment, at least trying to do with his selfie eclipse. The result was not to be seen clearly because your face will be exposed backlight and becomes dark. But will menghasilnya silhouette photo effects that backs eclipse of the sun rays.

5. Please Use Camera with Optical Zoom Feature

Capture the moment solar eclipse with a camera that features optical zoom. You can take a beautiful eclipse photos using the zoom feature up to 12 times, where you will not find this feature in smartphones in general.

6. The lens' Astrosolar Suitable To Take Mambar Eclipse

Tips Taking Photos Eclipse Safely
To avoid the glare of the sun's rays are so intense eclipse, you should protect the camera with the lens astrosolar. Citing the Mirror page, Friday (01/22/2016), this lens can protect your camera by reducing the light coming into the camera and thus can sharpen the image of a solar eclipse that you capture through the camera.

7. Make the most unique way Eclipse Photo Taking

If you capture the moment a solar eclipse with a smartphone camera, you will not get the images to the maximum solar eclipse.

Tips Taking Photos Eclipse Safely
Try to think of some creative and unique way to take photos of a solar eclipse, such as installing a timelapse feature or features of landscape and portrait use. Editing eclipse after taking a picture is also one trick in order to clarify the image.

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