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The colors each have a vibration and specific meanings. Their power is more important than what it seems and the messages they give us is very relevant, even bluffing! It is decided, now, I eat well And I'm the guidance of Coach Bio on this blog. Where therapists can sometimes fumbling to find the source of a problem, color it, to the point, putting the finger on the sore spot. What may seem fun at first working with colors quickly proves real thing.

Differentiate colors that we want to those we need
I have noticed over the years that we are attracted by colors whose symbolic talk about what we feel and live in the present. If you want to black, there is a safe bet that you are in a phase where you have to accept certain changes, chosen or suffered, positive or difficult to cross (rupture, job change, moving). A person attracted more fuchsia will want to take his place, exist without being judged or compared to other.

These are only small signs because each color carries a dozen messages therefore are clean him these examples are samples not reflect all possible. These colors, to which we will spontaneously relate to the desires but does not often allow to transcend the real blockages. So I come in the colors of your needs and there, it is important to know that sometimes we do not even them we do not like them! We need to know go beyond self to work in depth. Personally, since I work with the tool colors, I realize that I have more favorite color, I wear colors that I hated a few years ago but I do not suffer because I believe that the unconscious and conscious understood that beyond the colors lies a great opportunity to grow, to work on ourselves, our faults, our weaknesses.

You will say: but how to know what colors I actually need? Certainly, it is not clear to "guess" himself, hence the need to seek advice, and for the practitioner to talk a lot with the person to know what she saw, what she would like to go , what (s) ability (s) it would develop. This is dialogue over the underlying needs appear and color necessary to be good to wear!

Let steep
more you wear the colors that you have been advised, they infuse more about you, your behavior, your mood, your state of being.  So yes, you have the "underwear" option if you do not like them but they cover you and better. Sometimes, they are to wear in specific contexts (review conference tryst). Therefore, if you implement the color and you wear the proper tone messages, you double your chances of success!

Make a cure colors that are good for you and watch you act, you will see changes over the weeks: a gain independence, an ability to stay more focused, a tendency to express your emotions more spontaneously. Infused color on the wearer but also affects the hearing. Early in my business, I hosted workshops each being dressed in different colors: green, orange, blue, khaki. I quickly realized that the atmosphere of the workshop reflected each time the significance of the color range that day.

For fun, he even happen to watch a group at a round table and based on the colors that each door, I guess who will take the notes, which will structure, which will create doubt, will have a profusion ideas.

What color to be good? Self-confidence? Often I hear "what color do I need to feel fit, trust? ". It is not so simple, the question to ask would rather "be in shape, that is to say? To be more enduring, more information to care for you and your body? What happen by being in shape? " Details are important, because if a color is advised too quickly, there is a safe bet that the shortcut is not wise and ultimately inappropriate color, or at least not the most relevant. For the concept of self-confidence, I hear so much about, it would be simplistic to link to a single color. It all depends on what kind of confidence, you need: do you need to trust your endurance, your ability to argue and defend your point of view, in your ability to speak confidently in public? Depending on the grade, color and the associated message will be different.

We are all made of a panel of fixed colors depending on our personality traits and, according to our life course, other shades are added, disappear to us to make the best of the palette optimize our well-being! Colors, over time the colors of your needs are evolving as we ourselves are in perpetual motion. So I wanted to set up follow up with people wanting to know themselves better and to advance what I call the "Month of Colors."

Here the psychology of color dominates, mainly lies in the customized messages which is to be transmitted to each. For each subscriber, I take 4 color cards that give me directions on what the person lives, that it may have to seize opportunity as now, that she needs him. I made ​​and then transmits its board personalized beginning of each month with 2 colors to wear that are favorable to him in the moment and for the next few weeks. It is not a question of clairvoyance but to maximize the potential presence to make the best of things, feel heard, get clues on the tracks to operate. Returns are excellent, the right words, undoubtedly a the "must" of my activity.

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